Gina's Horses

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This website is created for the purpose of recording the progress of individual horses. It's all about rehabilitating and re-training horses, horses that have undergone unfortunate circumstances leading to a decline in their well being - physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Also, this website is created for whom is interested in my methods of a natural and respectful manner of working with horses and for all who have given financial support.


Not only do I buy horses for the purpose of re-training / rehabilitating and finding a suitable new owner/ home, I also take on horses with a physical or behaviour problem of private owners here in the Netherlands, for training / rehabilitation.


All horses are schooled / trained at various levels of dressage, in a natural manner.


If after reviewing this site you would like more information, or are in need of help / advice for your horse(s), please contact me via email. 






memory of 







Photo -  'horse in the clouds'


This photo, I took one evening as the sun was going down in Scheveningen, a beach town near The Hague. It was an amazing sight, it was as if someone had gone through the clouds with a paint brush - I was quite stunned, not only by the formation of the clouds, but also by this weird ball of light (with the colours of the rainbow) to the left of the sun - (this unfortunately, didn't show up on any of the photos). 

Amazingly, what did show up when I reviewed the photos later on, was the form of a horse in the clouds, to the left of the sun.


'a little bit of magic'