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Here is some information about four horses, that I was fortunate to own. For each of them, I paid a small amount of money, due to the fact that they were not 100% (physically, etc.). So by saying that, I saw past their exterior and looked further and saw who they are and their potential. Three of them, actually came from very good breeding/bloodlines, which was a plus, but not important - when buying horses, I never look at the their papers (with regard to breeding) - simply the reason being, the papers (breeding details etc.) do not make the horse. 


Unfortunately, I lost a lot of photos of the horses and have none of one horse - which is a shame, because I would of liked to have shown how they looked from the beginning when I bought them, and to how they actually changed.

As from now, the progress of any new horse that I acquire from day 1, will be published on this site - in the form of background information, photos/films and weekly updates on their progress, etc.



This wonderful little horse (dutch bred KWPN), mare, dark brown, 1.60 m /approx. 15.3 hh) came into my life (a good friend told me about her) shortly after my first horse here in the Netherlands was stolen. She looked terrible, due to neglect - the owner had no time for her. Her whole appearance was distorted/out of proportion (her head looked big with her body and neck thin and no muscle tone) and her coat was so dull.  In the beginning, when I took her out for a ride or a walk I would put a blanket on her - that's how bad she looked. 

Within a few months you could see her appearance changing ... read on....


'SP'  -  Prince 

Now about this 'nutter' - this is one crazy/mad horse, thoroughbred, stallion?,  dark brown, 1.69 m / 16.2-16.3 hh. I saw him for the first time when he was about 18 months and I thought to myself, this horse has some character - no easy horse. Anyway, I bought him shortly before he turned 2. I did have some regrets in the beginning and thought "what on earth have I done". Even contemplated putting him in training (he would of been brilliant for short distances) and chatted with a trainer one day about this - to be honest I couldn't do it, I balled my eyes out at the thought of packing him off for training, so I decided he stays with me and if I was going to let him race then I would train him myself - but I never did.... read on....

'RT'  -  Ted 

He was the first horse I bought here in the Netherlands. A thoroughbred, bay, 1.70 m/approx. 16.3 hh. After telling my mother that I was going to look to buy a horse here, I was contacted by a race horse trainer, he knew of a few horses that were for sale. So I made an appointment to go and have a look. After seeing several horses loose in the school, I choose Ted. It wasn't because of his appearance, far from it. His appearance then, well, he was literally a bag of bones - no spirit, just broken, but I saw past this and saw a strong powerful horse, so of course I bought him. He was a four year old when I bought him and he had been in training (if one can call it that) since he was a two year old. It was not until after I had bought him, that I found out what the previous owner had actually put him through - which I will not mention, due to the fact that it sickens me to the stomach knowing what he went through (of course he is not the only horse that receives this sort of brutal treatment). One thing for sure, if I had not bought him, he would of most likely been packed off to the slaughter house (which is where most young thoroughbreds end up).

Now to the good part - he transformed dramatically.  .... read on ....



This little horse, (new forest/arabian, mare, approx. 1.50 m/14.3 hh) I bought when she was a four year old. At that particular time I was looking for a smaller horse, so that when my son was little, he could also ride.

When I bought her, physically she was a healthy horse, but mentally, she definitely had some issues. She was a nervous thing and very sour (not a happy horse). Her previous owner was very honest admitting being afraid of Tamar and not being able to handle her. Also, I was told that you couldn't ride her in traffic, she was far too nervous and the owner assumed that Tamar must have had a bad experience some time in her first 3 years. 

After I bought her, in the first week I had for a moment some regrets. She was basically, always on the ready in 'attack mode', with her ears in her neck if anyone or any horse came in her space, whether it be with her teeth or her hind legs. Within a short time, her attitude changed completely, she became a totally different horse .... read on ....